Reading Room

A Christian Science Reading Room is a place to find spiritual ideas for your journey. Stop by to see the many print and online resources available. Each week new articles on healing and spiritual self-discovery are featured in our window and on our display tables. Check out  how to study the timely and inspired word of the Bible with the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lessons. Learn about ways to begin and continue your spiritual practice. A  librarian is happy to help you find all these things online, show you how to get them on your devices or how to subscribe, and to answer your questions about Christian Science.

Our Reading Room is located at 2628 N Clark St.  

Call us at (773)


READING ROOM HOURS COMING UP                                  

Friday, November 26                                                                                    1  PM  – 5  PM 

Saturday. November 27                                                                            12  PM  – 4  PM

Wednesday, December 1                                                                         12  PM  – 4  PM

Thursday, December 2                                                                               1  PM  – 5  PM

Friday, December 3                                                                                    9  AM  – 11  AM

Saturday, December 4                                                                              12  PM  – 4  PM


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