Christmas Inspiration – A Gift for You

“The Christmas message of joy and promise calls to each of us in these trying times when suffering seems so prevalent, when victims of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wars, are everywhere, and when pandemics threaten millions of people. Let us not neglect the gifts of the Magi (gold, frankincense, and myrrh), which can be translated today into prayers that see each individual as God’s offspring—fed by divine Spirit, housed in Love’s sheltering care, and companioned in the warmth of Soul’s tender embrace.”

That’s from the article, “Christmas—its Promise and Fulfillment” by James Spencer. It’s one of the inspiring articles in a Christmas collection available in our Christian Science Reading Room. For a limited time you can download it for free right from the Christian Science Publishing Society (until Dec 31, 2020). It includes a number of articles and also testimonies of healing through the practice of Christian Science.

To download your copy, visit:

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